Radio Stars! (Astronomy on Tap, Leiden, online, in English)

Radio Stars! (Astronomy on Tap, Leiden, online, in English)

The next online Astronomy on Tap will take place on monday 25 january and will be streamed live on the AoT-Leiden YouTube channel. Ciara Maguire and Joe Callingham will tell us all about radio stars. So grab a drink, get comfortable, and join the discussion for an evening of informal astronomy, fun games, and a chance to win cool prizes. All ages and backgrounds are welcome.

Read more about the speakers and their talks below the embeded YouTube-frame of the event.

Ciara Maguire: "Exploring the radio Sun"
Ciara is a solar physicist, radio telescope operator, and fond of the odd pint. As a PhD researcher at Trinity College Dublin / Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Ciara spends days analysing solar observations from instruments in space and on Earth. The Sun is a highly dynamic and active star that produces lots of heat and light. In fact the Sun produces many different types of light, many of which we can't see with the naked eye. Scientists build telescopes in order to detect all these types of light in order to see otherwise invisible solar activity. Ciara will tell us all about how scientists are trying to better understand solar activity and how it can affect us here on Earth.

Joe Callingham: "Life around a radio star"
Joe is an Australian astrophysicist based at Leiden University and The Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy (ASTRON). He specialises in studying radio stars, exoplanets, and the evolution of galaxies. Astronomers can now easily identify planets outside our Solar System. However, it remains a mystery if such planets can host life. In his talk, Joe will reveal how radio waves emitted from exoplanets can help us understand if life could exist around the most common stars in our Galaxy. In his free time, Joe enjoys surfing, running, reading, and having a schooner of beer.

More information: Astronomy on Tap Leiden