Every Friday: Stargazing night (Utrecht)

(c) Jordi Huisman
(c) Jordi Huisman

Have you always wanted to look through a real telescope? On an evening out at Sonnenborgh in Utrecht, you can see gas nebulae, planets and the surface of the moon with your own eyes. During the viewing evenings, which take place almost every Friday evening from October to April, two large telescopes are pointed at the sky.

The observatory's domes are opened in clear weather for a close-up view of the stars and planets. When it is cloudy, the telescopes focus on the skyline of Utrecht. In addition, there is always a lecture and a tour of the observatory on an evening of stargazing. So even when the weather is cloudy, we have a programme.

The observing evenings are meant for visitors of 12 years and older and start at 20.00 hours.

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