Astronomy on Tap: Secrets of Galaxies! (Leiden, in English)

(c) AoT Leiden
(c) AoT Leiden

The next Astronomy on Tap Leiden will take place on Monday 27 March at Grandcafé de Burcht at 20:00 CEST. Join for a night of astronomy with two fantastic talks from Folkert Nobels and Wout Goesaert who will talk about explosions in galaxies and how magnetic turbulent flows between galaxies. As always, there will be fun games where you could win cool science prizes.

Folkert Nobels: How explosions shape galaxies
More info to come…

Wout Goesaert: Chasing Cosmic Turbulence: the secrets of magnetic fields in clusters of galaxies
Wout Goesaert is a master’s student at Leiden Observatory where he is studying the torus of a super massive black hole in the Circinus galaxy. Wout has always been interested in astronomy. He joined a youth organisation for astronomy called JVS-Descartes in his home country of Belgium when he was eight years old and is currently their chairman. In this talk, Wout will be presenting the results of his bachelor’s research where he studied magnetic fields in clusters of galaxies. Galaxy clusters, one of the largest structures in the universe, are dynamic systems that regularly undergo collisions. These collisions cause turbulent flows in the gas between galaxies. By looking at the turbulence of magnetic fields that run through this gas, we might be able to tap into valuable information about the cluster’s history. Wout will demonstrate how new radio telescopes such as MeerKAT allow for this type of study in individual clusters.

Logistical information
Astronomy on Tap Leiden starts at 20:00 sharp, so please arrive earlier to enter the bar, save a seat, and grab a drink. The organisation is not planning to stream the event live, but they will be uploading a recording of the talks on our YouTube channel after the event.

Location: Burgsteeg 14, 2312 JS Leiden

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