AoT Leiden: Simulating the cosmos (Leiden, in English)

(c) AoT Leiden
(c) AoT Leiden

The next Astronomy on Tap Leiden will take place on Monday 26 February at the Golden Tulip Hotel (new venue!) at 20:00 CET.

Join the event for a night of astronomy with two fantastic talks from Maite Wilhelm and Roi Kugel, who will tell us about how astronomers perform big simulations to understand the secret of the cosmos, ranging from planet and star formation to clusters of galaxies. As always, there will be fun games where you could win cool science prizes.

Maite Wilhelm: "How can we understand where the sun was born?"
Maite Wilhelm is a graduate student at Leiden Observatory. She wants to understand how the location where a star is born affects the planets around it, and what that means for our solar system. Using a supercomputer, she simulates regions where new stars form and follows those stars' protoplanetary disks, the birth places of planets. Her talk will focus on how to simulate such a region, and how to handle the huge range of scales involved.

Roi Kugel: "How can we understand the entire Universe?"
Roi is a fourth year PhD student at Leiden Observatory. One of the major questions he always gets asked is: "How do you even think about the scales that you work on?" He will try to answer that exact question by taking you on a journey through the different scales in the universe. In particular, he will describe how astronomers simulate these different scales.

Logistical information
The AoT starts at 20:00 sharp, so please arrive earlier to enter the hotel, save a seat, and grab a drink at the bar. We will be uploading a recording of the talks on our YouTube channel after the event. Parking at the Golden Tulip is available for 5,00 euro.