AoT Leiden: Climate of distant worlds

AoT Leiden: Climate of distant worlds

The next Astronomy on Tap Leiden will take place on Monday 30 October at Grandcafé de Burcht at 20:00 CET.

Join the event for a night of astronomy with two fantastic talks from Michiel Min and Pieter de Visser, who will tell us about how astronomers study the climate of planets around other stars and the new generation of space telescopes that are being designed to characterize Earth-like exoplanets. As always, there will be fun games where you could win cool science prizes.

Michiel Min: "The climates of distant worlds as revealed by JWST"
Michiel Min is the head of the exoplanet science group at SRON. He studies the atmospheres of exoplanets and helps in defining new exoplanet telescopes. The James Webb Space Telescope has revolutionized our abilities to study the climates of planets around other stars revealing exotic chemistry and cloud systems. In this talk, Michiel Min will discuss what we have learned so far, and what the near future might have in store for us.

Pieter de Visser: "Peeking into the garden of our neighbours in space"
Pieter de Visser is an Instrument Scientist at SRON Leiden and a guest researcher at TU Delft. With his PhD students, he studies and develops superconducting detectors for visible to mid-infrared light, motivated by the challenging detection problems that come with the characterization of Earth-like exoplanets. In this talk, Pieter de Visser will present the new generation of space telescopes that are now being designed and studied to characterize Earth-like exoplanets, with a focus on the detector development for these space telescopes.

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